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 Chance's Now Management Corporation  Band Manager and Promoter. Booking agent for Silver Bullet Lubbock Texas. 

Julie Charlie Anne Harper Owner


  • Established musicians, performing artists and groups, singers, session players, songwriters, music publishers,  composers, independent  music professionals, are you looking for music resources that can take your career farther and make more money than you are now? My goal is to Manage/Promote/Book AGENTS WORKING WITH US.Discover talent in the musicial Industry.
  • Give me a call.  I also work  Festivals ,Fairs Theaters, Rallies, No Bars, in USA waiting to manage Promote your talent. Songs needing to be sang. And more. Read and watch all through this old school website . A lot of talk about, tells meaning of what my company's name is and what it's about. My inspiration.
  • Here are a few of my old  towns great locals. Always remember your local Musicians. They are mainly all the best and hardest working of them all. God Bless Musicians. Their Real. Peace Out people.
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  • Chance's Now  Management and Promoting Company Talent Booking Agents working with me and I will be there for you..,

Marc Mason Harper 

Well Soon I will be putting my favorite and one I Idle most of all. And taught me what I know of music. Soon I will have some of his talent up as well.  My Brother

The Late, but as he would say "Late but Even better at it".  Marc Mason Harper. He is where I got my nickname Charlie from. Back in our , Uncle Nasty's,  Fat Dawgs , Stubbs BBQ and more, those good old days. He was not just a singer/songwriter. But a Actor, Chef, Brother and Son. But Most of all. He was a  Loving Single Father. Before He decided to give traveling and preforming up. He had a great life as a musician. Knew or met some of the best. From Garland Texas Rick Presley. Yes a great Elvis Impersonator I still say one of the best. Marc Traveled with him a short while and enjoyed the experience he learned.  Harold Jenkins( Conway Tweety) called him Popeye, because he wore a sailor hat all the time. Mainly when he hung with Jimmy, Conway's son. They  played football with Tweety Birds. Yes Named after who other then Conway of course. We lived In Moore Oklahoma. He also once played and taught this one guy,  how to sing and play guitar up by Texarkana, in a  small town outside called Wake Village. This guys name is . Floyd Elliott Wray. We called him Bubba. But now this guy went from a long hair, rock and roller to clean cut Country singer. (Collin Raye) Marc also became Lead singer and traveled with Box Tops when their Lead had Passed. But could sing "The Letter," better then anyone. Then the Kentucky Head Hunters, Traveled with them, Richard and him become friends. He even told their story.  Wrote several songs for some well known artist. But never claimed the credit he should have, as for they where never copy written, he would just write or help write them, then just sold them. Most he never was paid for. But we knew which ones he did, or wish to claim.  Like "Trashy Women" was wrote on napkin at bar in Colorado. He acted in street western shows in Colorado as well.  His first band here in lubbock was called Live Wire. Darren Welch, Donavon Myers, Richard Rico and drummer I Johnny Ray Darren took charge of the band and is still great today he is called DWB. So Mark started Buster Harper and the Law. . He had his share of Talent. Ear for music, played just about any instrument , A Chef and a very very good Chef even without chef school , he was a natural. He owned a Bed And Breakfast. He was a stand by actor. Acted tiny parts in several movies. We grew up and where always  going each summer on two weeks vacations. And  moved every two or so years. From our Dads job which was, a  Air Traffic Controller. He did a lot of training until final in Lubbock, where my dad retired as Chief  airtraffic controller. So more or less before Lubbock Texas. Mark, my bother was my best friend.  I watched him break a lot of girls hearts ,and saw him have his share as well. But at the time God took him home, He was still playing his music. Not like he use to. But ,because he had the most important part of his life now to love, and raise alone now. That most important part was his two younger children. Yes he was a " Great Musician," Hell Yeah. But Ask his kids.  He was "Tops for A Dad," and had the roll as Mom to. He had three wonderful children.  "See Ya over there" as he once smiled but tearfully told me before he passed. Love You Mark and my Daddy, he is there now to. Y'all keep on playing .. probably laid back picking and singing with Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper now, you both have real peace and fun. As for The Four of us Mark, Daddy, Mother and myself, will be back as four together again some day I know.  Keep Watching. For even up in heaven Marc Mason Harpers dream is about to happen real soon. Promised you brother. They won't stop it. And it will happen. Julie aka Charlie girl.. More about this in my book I am writing. Peace Out.

Hugs and remember be you. As for God is only one who can judge you. Trying to be someone else' can cost loneliness till it's time. God is my Savior. I'm living proof.

Blessed by his love. Amen

Living Loving Led
Living Loving Led

Today's Booking 

Booking is not as simple as it once use to be I have found. But also know you learn something new everyday. Take what you knew and add to it. It takes a lot of advertising and promotion. And I will not stop until I get what I want. Not for me but for you. Never give up. There's so much Talent in this world. I may not answer all right away. But please go to how to contact me and send me you and what you need or just talk . Peace Out