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Chance's Now Management Corporation

Chance's Now Management Corporation


Proud to be a International Singer's ~Songwriter Association Representative And 2019 Gold Winner. Offical ISSA Awards Judge.

29 Mar 2019

Gary Pugsley 

Gary Pugsley From Pugsley Entertainment and From Portland Tennessee also business partner With Chance's Now Management Corporation and Keith Dover's booking agent. Is a ISSA member

10 Feb 2019

Tommy Morrison 

29 Mar 2019

Winner of 2019 ISSA Awards with Greg a dear friend and artists 

29 Mar 2019

Tommy Morrison and Rabble Rousers from California. Signed with Chance's Now Management Corporation also a ISSA member

17 Mar 2019

Karen Phillips 

Also member of the International Singer Songwriter Association

CEO of Texas Media

Karen Phillips Check out her website. She's also manager of Iron Rations.

29 Mar 2019

Ken Lambert from Colorado. Talent and Booking Agents From Hell as he will tell you. Not taking on any new artist as for he has been working with the same one's for around five years. Ken is also a ISSA member.

21 Sep 2018
21 Sep 2018
29 Oct 2017

Wild Man Pebo Wilson with his new son

  "I Drink Alone "

28 Dec 2016
24 Dec 2016

Country Meets Rock With

Chance's Now Management and Promoting Label Company Started Entertainment.

This Is My Story!

Welcome I am Julie Charlie Anne Harper ( Julie A Harper)

I renamed  my company from 

Chance's Now Entertainment

Almost two years ago. The name itself should explain.

Your Chance is Now. Starting doing this with my late brother back in 1979. But when I started back, it was for his memory and the love of music from all talented musicians. Playing was his deal. He had a ear for music, and could pick up just about any instrument and play a song within 15 minutes. I myself have a ear for music. But in a different way..

I have been slandered, laughed at, you name it. Called a fraud.

But nothing or nobody has been able to stop me of my dreams don't let them yours. My dream is helping musicians find their dreams.

My dreams are to help talented Musicians and artists of all types best I can.

Your Chances is Now.

Now Let's go

Chance's Now Management and Promoting  Wounded Warriors Project  Country Meets Rock Festival


Your Chance is Now with Chance's Now Management Corporation. Peace Love and Hugs Blessings Julie Charlie Anne Harper and Staff

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