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Black Cadillac Kings

Black Cadillac Kings Bio

      After five years, four albums, countless gigs, thousands and thousands of miles and achieving things together they had only dreamed about, founding members Shane Thornton (vocals), and Chris Garrett (drums) found themselves on new starting gate with their 4-piece band from Klamath Falls, Oregon. The Black Cadillac Kings had made a name for themselves through tireless gigging and also making a splash on many indie radio programs that played BCK songs round the clock that met an enthusiastic response from listeners worldwide.

      Winning “Best Rock Song 2018” for the World Songwriting Awards with “Baby Loves My Hotrod”, BCK gained more interest from indie radio which latched onto songs like “Girl Go Home” and “Down Forever”, plus many more. BCK remained on top playlists, weekly top 30 shows and did too many interviews to count. “420 Girl”, off of the second record (2nd Gear) managed to be nominated for “Band Single Of The Year” for the 2019 ISSA Awards (International Singer Songwriter Awards). Also making the finals in being nominated in two more categories, BCK faced “Band Of The Year” and “Entertainer Of The Year” respectively. To their astonishment, Black Cadillac Kings took home a crystal oblique award for “Entertainer Of The Year” ISSA Awards 2019.

                      As the Fall of 2019 got closer, looking back on the year which had been the busiest year the

band had spent playing live shows, plus finishing their 4th release “4 On The Floor”. The band also announced the respectful retirement of original members, Vic Picks and Otis D. Oliver.  Thornton and Garrett then rallied to bring back the very talented 6 string bassist Paul Walborn who had taken over the spot when a bass player was needed for gigs (which was a lot). Garrett had a long history of playing with Walborn for damn near 10 years before becoming full fledged member of BCK. Walborn, who had played in many projects over the years had made a name for himself as the number one guy in the region to have as your bass player. Yes, a wanted man, if you will. With bassist Walborn’s amazing rhythm, skills, talent and sub sonic wallop, Thornton and Garrett already knew before they knew that he was the man for the job.

       Still being a blues-based band, Walborn, Garrett and Thornton knew the guy that could fill the shoes for the lead guitarist position. Virgil Robinson is the name the trio had all first thought of when contemplating who they should get. Having met Robinson through their friends’ band Hecktic Week, in which Robinson had been jamming with for a spell. The two bands had shared a festival on the Oregon coast where BCK first heard Robinson’s tone and chops. Impressed with the package that Robinson brought was appealing to the KINGS and they had even called on him a year later to fill in for Thornton at a gig which is where Walborn first got to jam with Robinson which also left an impression on the bassist. Garrett had called upon Robinson to do a show as a duet soon after because he really dug the way he played. BCK shared another show at the Jackson County Fair where Robinson rocked with the Hank Shrieve Band and left the BCK boys with smiles and melted faces. No question, he was the guy.

       And just like new, the Black Cadillac Kings hit the ground running with a fresh killer lineup and a bright future ahead. Gaining momentum that could have been a train wreck, the band secured a management deal with Chance’s Now Management Inc. Plus now are in the recording studio laying tracks for a brand-new release for a worldwide distribution deal. The KINGS are very excited and ready to take this ride to the next level and beyond. With wings spread, raring to fly, Black Cadillac Kings sure to soar to heights above the stars. Coming soon, “Black Cadillac Kings are rolling through your town with whiskey on their breath just like a tumbleweed high on octane!”