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Chance's Now Management Corporation


Country Meet's Rock Festival 

Let us return by 2023.

Hi, and thank you for inquiring about this AWESOME concert/festival . Putting my dream together doing something that I love to do and making it happen for artists/bands to get out there on a HUGE stages in front of tons of fans and do what they do best and get paid! We are working currently on getting sponsors/investors and already have put in for a couple of concert venues in Lubbock Texas to kick off this Country meets Rock Concert/Festivals. This will go in all 50 states and we will be adding more information as we go along. We are looking to start this back up in the Fall of 2023. To keep up with us as we go along, keep watching our facebook page for more information at and If you are interested , please send all band info, name, phone number, and EPK, . To 

We look forward in having you be a HUGE part of this Concert/Festival. Also, if you can't make one festival , we will have many and these are 2 to 3 day events.(Saturday/Sunday) or (Friday/Saturday/Sunday). May even have a 1 day Mini fest. 

Watch for our events coming your way!!

Best Wishes

Julie Charlie Anne Harper

Special Thanks to 

Shane Thornton "Thunder Production "

Tommy Morrison

Darrin Yarbrough

Dave Sheperd Shep

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