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Here are some bands from Lubbock and around that are great

It does not matter what age you are, when you first walk up to sing or what ever your talent is. It matters on how determine you are to be what you really want to be. Don't let nothing or nobody stand in the way of your dream. You are the only one who can decide what you really want to become. Your talent belongs to you. You are your own boss. Don't let others make you feel something that you are not. You are number one. Find yourself first. You are who matters. Let me help your get your dream going or continue. Let me manage all your needs with management and help promote you. Wish I was ready or here for most of these talented locals but grown stupid people are personal reasons why. Back when they all started.  The good ole old school that is. It was  a great privilege , a great honor  to hear and knew, Mike Pritchard, Darren Welch, Jessie Guitar Taylor.  And a lot of others, that  all are great ,at least had pleasure of knowing them.  Peace Y'all.