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My Late brother. Marc Mason Harper. Yes will always brag.!topic/alt.obituaries/M4bdL3UsFQA

This was my late brother Marc Mason Harper

poem. It  was wrote by his friend shortly after Marc past. I came across it. I wanted to share.  His friend passed last year. Lance Jonston. May I see you again. Missing you deeply my dear Brother. Guess I always will. I promised you, their will never be a day go by. That I won't be thinking about you and our dream for all artists and musicians.  Marc is my inspiration. And to all the people in Lubbock. It wasn't for me it was in his memory. Darren Welch Mark Wallney Mike Pritchard Jim Bob Ashmore Thanks for memories. I haven't forgotten you guys. I still have your  music Achievement plaque I haha will get it to you.

Peace, Love and Hugs Blessings Julie

Mark (Marc)


one thing real

one thing true

thats what friends

will do

say time after time

blow it out with music and rhyme

but this one was the real

dealt his hand and played it deal

what he leaves behind

brings chuckles or laughs

and makes you think your mind

might bust into one or two halfs

this guy.... amazing

i know he's riding home on some range

on a sweet lil' pony with cattle and sheep all grazing

models, doobies and james gang, it aint all that strange

to know a true cowboy who

held court for a while on a stage

coulda been just like me or like you

always a poet, in any age

Home on his Range

His sang it at his own funeral.

Marc Mason Harper

He was a true Legend.

Goodbye Legend friend

May we find our home on the range

Up in heaven.



8:55 PM - October 16th 2005

Marc Lost his battle with cancer this morning  at 1:13am. Remember him. Remember the love Marc had for his only Sister Julie. She will help his story go down  in the Music Industry history. If she dies doing it. She loved him just as much. She learned from him. She loves music. And she will always be a strong supporter for all local musicians.  I never meet his sister in person. But I new her very well. Prayers to his sister and the rest of his friends and family. Miss you already brother. This picture is a picture of Marc.  Amen Lance

This page will be about my late bother "Marc Mason Harper". To me and to several other's, we considered him a great legend. Played any instrument you could put in front of him. Singer, Song Writer, Actor, Chef, Son , brother and great daddy. He inspired me with what I do today. I miss him so and a day will never go by without me thinking of my Legend. My dad was my hero. Two best men ever in my life.