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Nashville Non Prophets

What happens when you mix a little Outlaw Americana with the Ramones? Throw in 2 seasoned and talented vets from the wildly popular Saint Luke’s Drifters, a rhythm guitar animal from Government Cheese, drummer powerhouse from Vegas Cocks and The Woggles and you get NASHVILLE NON-PROPHETS. Drawing from their tours coast to coast they serve a blender full of loud rock & roll, country and punk. Having fine-tuned their unique sound to re- create themselves &

fresh out of the studio, NASHVILLE NON-

PROPHETS just released Tennessee Ground

from their upcoming ep . Building on previous

accolades they’ve held the prestigious titles of

#1 in Nashville, #10 Nationally on Americana

Charts and #10 GLOBALLY at Reverb Nation!

Guitarist Johnny Beemiller responded to an add

stating “if you know who Rick Richards and Warner Hodges are give us a call".

Johnny knew all too well. Reggie Las Vegas' animalist drumming and Viva Mc-Queen’s bad-assery were the cherry on top & the rest is history! As singer-songwriters their originals are fan favorites and their versatility shines in familiar covers of greats from Buck Owens & George Jones to the Beatles in their own recognizable style.

Booking: (615) 708-5416

ROCK N ROLL with a southern accent, saving N’ville one show at a time.

      Gina Bacon WFMU "Nashville Non-Prophets bring the refreshing sound of hard driving rock and roll...with a slight southern flavor. With their fast pace and growling guitar and vocals, they manage to evoke the good old days on the fringes of punk rock, without being a throwback."

Dave Kennedy- Walk the West "Mitch and his gang are putting out some great rock and roll and Tennessee Ground plows the way! This down to earth music with a punk rock edge is right up my alley!"

David Henderson - Bad Mary "The vocals snarl and growl through the track with a fierce energy and Social Distortion vibe.