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Wild Man Pebo Wilson


"Wildman" Pebo Wilson grew up in a humble home in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. His Family was "professional hunters" or so you could call them. They had to hunt to eat, and make their knives, bows, & tools out of animal bones, antlers, flint rocks & sticks because they never had the luxury of having much money. "Pebo was a stubborn, bull-headed kid, he was crazy from the time he could walk" That's what Pebo's Dad says about him. "I was always fearless and loved a challenge. If somebody would tell me I couldn't do something, I would set out to do it, even if it killed me. I loved to prove 'em wrong. When it comes to hunting, I guess you could say it runs in my blood, it's like my drug, it gives me a crazy adrenaline rush that I can't explain. I snap into a whole other person. The only thing to ever come close to it is my music. The same rush hits me when I'm on stage, "Wild-Man" comes out and I use all that energy and try to channel it to my fans. That's why when you see a Wildman Pebo Wilson show.. You never forget it." So what made Wildman pursue music? In his own words he jokingly said "Because Chicks dig it!". He started when he was about 16, and he describes it like this " I would stand up there and watch those beautiful ladies dance to my songs and I was stuck for life, but that was years ago, now it is a way to express myself. I just love it. I can write songs about life and the crazy things that happen to me. For example my song Choctaw Woman, Whoa! Nowthat is a story! That song was inspired by a one night stand - Gone Bad! Woman tried to KILL ME! I woke up in my bed and saw her sitting there with a knife to stab me to death! She said if she couldn't have me then no one would.. but that's a story for another day." Wildman was - Well - a Wildman back in his early days, and we aren't just talking about hunting. "It got so bad that I couldn't even recognize voices anymore when they would call, I look back and can't believe that I was ever that man. Then came along Shelly, the girl who changed all of that, the love of my life and the the woman I married who gave me the two biggest blessings a man could ever ask for - my children." Poor Shelly didn't know what she was getting into at first. On their honeymoon Wildman took her on a camping trip - his way, " He took me way up in the mountains and all I can remember is how it poured the rain so badly that everything we brought washed way down to the bottom of the mountain in a flood! I was terrified and cried 'WHAT IN THIS WORLD HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!'. " Shelly describes. She says " Being marriedto the wildman, all I can say is, there is never a dull moment in our family!" Pebo is a true "trooper" when it comes to overcoming problems, though, you see his family has a history of tumors, and he has over 200 tumors in his body but he keeps going, like nothing is wrong. So how does he keep going? Here is what he has to say, "I always think positive, and never feel sorry for myself. I don't let anything stop me and I stay active, lots of exercise keeps me from having any pain, life is just too short to sit still and worry." So be on the lookout for this Wild, Crazy, one-of-a-kind entertainer coming to a venue near you!!